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Subject: Re: Connecting to the internet...
From: Evan Read (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 17:09:20 MDT

On Sat, 21 Aug 1999, you wrote:
> >Y'all,
> >
> >After playing with some of the nifty items in YDL (CS 1.1) I am now ready to
> >start doing some internet browsing. In the KDE environment, I went to the
> >kppp application to set up my dialup info but before I can do anything it
> >reports an error... something about the SUID not being set, then it tells me
> >that I have some sort of LOCK problem. Does anyone know what's going on?
> >Should I be trying to get on the internet as root and proceed from there?
> >
> >I wanna start browsing!!
> >
> >Carlos
> >
> I've been here. To cure the SUID problem,
> chmod 4755 /opt/kde/bin/kppp (or wherever kppp happens to be). This allows
> kppp to run as if it were being run by root.
> The lock problem is fixed by editing the file /var/lock/papd and removing
> the word 'lock'.
> For the record, I'm fairly new at this stuff and I'm unsure of the broader
> implications of what I've done. But it works now.
> -Andy

This is the fix that is mentioned in the KPPP documentation (among other

So it should be cool since that is exactely what I did ;)


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