Two questions (startup stuff and monitor settings)

Subject: Two questions (startup stuff and monitor settings)
From: Evan Read (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 21:44:53 MDT

Hey all,

Two questions.

One: When I last installed YDL, I forgot to turn off the NFS stuff and now when
I start up, all the NFS related stuff fails. I actually want to switch it off
ant start up and was hoping there was a nice easy way to selectively stop stuff
loading at startup.

Two: I noticed that Linux knows my MacOS monitor settings (brightness and
contrast) and was wondering why it doesn't know about my energy saving setting
(no, I still haven't got that to work, I am sure it is a bug with errors I
get). ANyone think of a way I can get the energy saver setting into Linux?
Maybe a bootx param?



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