Re: Two questions (startup stuff and monitor settings)

Subject: Re: Two questions (startup stuff and monitor settings)
From: Andrew Rohl (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 00:02:02 MDT

>Likely, one of these is labelled S##nfsfs. You will want to rename it to
>K##nfsfs. On the other hand, you can run ksysv as root, which allows you
>to do all the above graphically, which is what I recommend.
I thought that links starting with K get run at shutdown/restart time.
So why you would want nfsfs to be run with the stop paramater at shutdown
time if you haven't actually sarted it at runtime is beyond me. H Have I
not understood the link naming conventions or is should the advice be
just to delete the symlink to S##nfsfs?


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