install freeze..

Subject: install freeze..
From: Michael Feld (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 23:58:06 MDT

Hey all..

I've installed YDL on my blue G3 at home with few problems, but I've
run into two problems when installing it at work on a g3/266 desktop
with an internal zip, which are as follows (internal to the computer,
I have both a seagate 3 gig and a 4 gig caviar ATA drive:

1. Unless there is a disk IN THE zip drive, when I hit the done
button after the pdisk phase, the entire thing crashes and I have to
reboot. If there is a disk in the zip drive, everything works up to
the next point, which is:

2. After the software is installed, and it prompts me for the type
of mouse I'm using, I choose the 3 button ADM mouse (or any ADB
mouse), it freezes, and I can't use the configurator anymore. At
that point the box is in in a bad state of partial configuration and
it's hard to know where to begin to fix it.

Has anyone had this problem or problems, and if so, how did you fix
it? Anyone that has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. I'm at a loss.


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