A Newbie Question... Sorry.

Subject: A Newbie Question... Sorry.
From: Zeheeba (daniel@costello.org)
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 22:02:01 MDT

Dear all,

I have recently installed YellowDogLinux and was very happy with its ease of
install compared to LinuxPPC. Now that I finally have Linux installed on my
Mac, which has been a time consuming process, I feel like I don't know what
to do. Im not even really sure how to make a second user name so I don't
take the chance of screwing up my linux system. Can anyone suggest a good
book, or a course of action to help me learn the basics of linux so that
when I read most of the posts to this group, I would know what you are
talking about? I would enjoy nothing more. Thank you for your time.

Daniel J. Costello

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