Re: Preventing Reboots

Subject: Re: Preventing Reboots
From: Rich Langer (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 13:18:30 MDT

One way of preventing the power button on the front from being used would
be to physically disconnect it. You simply open the computer up and
disconnect the cable running from the button to the cable. Then, hook up
the keyboard lock off an old pc where you just disconnected the button.
Now you can use the keyboard lock to turn the computer on and off by
toggling the keyboard lock. You can even drill a hole in the plastic and
mount the keyboard lock in the front of the computer.

If your really motivated, there might be a way of disconnecting the power
button on the keyboard, but then you could only use the keyboard lock to
turn the power on (unless you swap the keyboard).

With the old Apple extended II keyboards, you can open the keyboard up and
remove the inner mechanism of the key. The AppleDesign keyboards might be
more difficult because they are membrane activated (I think). You might
be able to stick something nonconductive between the two membranes where
the power key activates.

-rich langer

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Jason P. Stanford wrote:

> Is there a way to disable the "three-finger salute" key combo under
> YDL CS1.1? Also, what about preventing use of the power button on the
> front of a beige G3 mini-tower? I need to secure a server I have set up
> as much as possible from curious fingers and pranksters.

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