Re: Getting on the 'net?

Subject: Re: Getting on the 'net?
From: Brett Humphreys (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 13:31:13 MDT

        I know you're running an 8500, but if you can get the modem to
work there is a decent how -to on
to get ppp running. To get your modem to work, i'd say play aroudn with
it, and test it out with minicom

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Jeff Ross wrote:

> Hi all!
> I've put YDL on my 8500 but now I need to get it on the 'net using my modem
> connection to my isp.
> Can anybody point me to a set of step by step directions? I tried the
> FAQ-O-MATIC, but the PPP/SLIP HOWTO files are not accessible (permission
> denied) and the ezppp control panel is not where it's supposed to be,
> either.
> Normally this is something I'd just love to spend hours and hours and hours
> hunting down, but working full time and now going to school full time has
> put a serious time crunch on me.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Ross

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