Linux Freezes in X

Subject: Linux Freezes in X
From: Benjamin Karas (
Date: Sat Aug 28 1999 - 14:25:50 MDT

I have a problem buys,

YDL just froze (again) while in X. Over the summer, YDL Champion 1.0
would freeze after just a few hours in X windows. I couldn't diagnose
this problem because I didn't have a network. This fall, I upgraded to
YDL Champion 1.1 and placed myself on a network. The problem appeared to
disappear and I rejoiced and drank lots of CocaCola.

However, just half an hour ago, my computer froze while I was in X windows
(gnome-core 1.0.6-2, enlightenment 0.15.5-32, XFree86-Xpmac-
I tried to ssh to my computer from a friend's linux box, but the
connection never finished. Ping said my computer was not alive. No
connections what so ever. My computer was sitting there.

Before I get flamed for not pressing the magic 'quit-X' keypress, I did
try this, along with a number of other keypresses ( including ctrlaltdel,
which is enabled on my computer), but nothing happened. The mouse would
not move either. This is what I consider a freeze.

I was able to reboot my computer using cmd-ctrl-power. The really bummer
part about all this is that I cannot reproduce this in any way. It just

What should I do? Is there any more diagnostic info you guys would like?
I don't want an average uptime of 6 days without a journalling

-Ben Karas

ps. I'm using a 2.2.6 kernel downloaded from YDL.

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