YDL Linux Freezes on statrup On My Bule G3

Subject: YDL Linux Freezes on statrup On My Bule G3
From: Erick W.Curtis (ecurt@cache.net)
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 11:55:57 MST

I am very new to Lunix and I have a few questions. I partitioned my hard
drive one partition is unallocated and the other partition is a 4 GB
partition for MacOS. The machine I am running lunix on is a 300 MHZ Blue
and Ice G3. 96 Megs of Ram and the Studio Display. I also have an adaptec
2906 SCSI card, a epson stylus 740 and a afga 1221u usb scanner. What I am
wondering is when i try to run YDL I install the correct software from
the ydl cd and when lunix boots the computer just freezes. I have heard
that Lunix has no USB support is that true? Is this what is causing my
machine to freeze please help.

Erick Curtis


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