Re: Sendmail for the newbie

Subject: Re: Sendmail for the newbie
From: Jason P. Stanford (jps3@Lehigh.EDU)
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 09:44:37 MDT

  How does qmail fit in with using linuxconf/netconf? Does it simply
replace the sendmail binaries, or am I going to have to reconfigure
everything? Also, when/if I upgrade to the next version of Champion
Server >1.1, will I have to battle sendmail being reinstalled? I've been
hearing about the problems of sendmail, and how qmail is a good
replacement, but I can't afford the time right now to be completely
sidetracked having to learn an entirely new system. It would be nice if
there were support for existing files and configuring via
linuxconf or netconf...

"Paul J. Schinder" wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:02:08 +1200, Evan Read wrote:
> >
> >Hey.
> >
> >I have sendmail starting up when I boot into linux and I thought, why not
> get
> >that to do the job of an SMTP server and let me learn something about
> Sendmail
> >in the process.
> The best thing for a newbie to learn is how to get sendmail off their
> machines as quickly as possible and install either qmail
> <> or Postfix <>. Personally I
> use qmail, as does the machine on which this list is run. Sendmail is an
> abomination for a variety of reasons.
> However. if you must run sendmail. O'Reilly has an entire book about it.
> >
> >Questions are: where can I learn more about Sendmail? I have been looking
> for
> >a how-to or even docs on the website but they are not exactely Sendmail
> 101
> >type questions.
> >
> >am I right in thinking that I can configure sendmail so that it acts like
> an
> >SMTP server? KMail has an option to select Sendmail or an SMTP server so
> I
> >assume this is that case.
> >
> >Is the use of Sendmail a really daunting undertaking or can someone at
> least
> >get basic functionality up within a short space of time...
> >
> >Can I get a bit of a head count in terms of what people use as their mail
> >proggy that then sends stuff to sendmail for sending... Basially since
> KMail
> >really sucks ;)
> >
> >Thanks to all.
> >
> >Ev.
> >
> >
> -------
> Paul J. Schinder

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