Re: Almost Installed

Subject: Re: Almost Installed
From: Getafix (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 16:18:00 MDT


        If I am not mistaken that happend to me in one of my instalations.
I think you may have forgot to select the drive with the space bar after it
scaned for packages. Let me know if that did not work. I am still just a
beginner too.


>Okay. This morning I thought I might finally get YD Linux installed on my
>machine. I made it through each installation step, including partitioning
>my Linux drive, but I receive an error just when I think I'm done.
>After selecting the packages I want to install, the installer seems to
>format my partitions and then opens a window with the following error:
>"Moun Faild: Invalid argument."
>Where did I go wrong? Is this related to the fact that I'm using a rev 2
>B&W G3?
>--Until next time.
> Mike Beattie

Adam Done
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