Re: Booting problems...

Subject: Re: Booting problems...
From: Reid Ellis (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 13:39:27 MDT

> Here is the error message I get:
> /dev/sdb8 [this would be my /home]: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck
> (i.e. without -a -p options)
> /dev/sdb9/; clean 51069/236640 files, 728781/944415 blocks
> *** An error occurred during the filesystem check.
> *** Dropping you to a shell, the system will reboot
> *** When you leave the shell.
> Give root password for maintenance
> (or type Control-D for normal startup):
> So, I type in my root password and I get an incorrect login message. I try
> it a couple more times with no success. Control-D runs through the shutdown
> procedures and reboots the computer instead of proceeding with a normal
> startup.

I had this same problem, and although I have since seen a different solution,
what I did was to add "init=/bin/bash" to my kernel arguments, which put me
into single-user mode. Dan said you can just add "single" to the kernel args
to get the same thing I think. From there you can run /sbin/e2fsck on your
partition. Do a 'df' if you're not sure -- the first column is the /dev name
of your partition[s].

Hope this helps,

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