Re: Sendmail for the newbie

Subject: Re: Sendmail for the newbie
From: Charles P. Provencher (
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 07:04:56 MDT

There is a SendMail/FetchMail mailling list accessible through the

The mailhelp list is a service provided by Moongroup Consulting, Inc.

>I have sendmail starting up when I boot into linux and I thought, why not get
>that to do the job of an SMTP server and let me learn something about
>in the process.
>Questions are: where can I learn more about Sendmail? I have been
>looking for
>a how-to or even docs on the website but they are not exactely Sendmail 101
>type questions.
>am I right in thinking that I can configure sendmail so that it acts like an
>SMTP server? KMail has an option to select Sendmail or an SMTP server so I
>assume this is that case.
>Is the use of Sendmail a really daunting undertaking or can someone at least
>get basic functionality up within a short space of time...
>Can I get a bit of a head count in terms of what people use as their mail
>proggy that then sends stuff to sendmail for sending... Basially since KMail
>really sucks ;)
>Thanks to all.

Charles P. Provencher
Montreal, QC, Canada

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