Re: First time installer.

Subject: Re: First time installer.
From: Mike Beattie (
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 11:06:17 MDT


I just tried to install YD Linux on my new G3 the other day. I ran into the
same problem. As it turns out, the hard drives in the rev2 Power Mac G3s
aren't completely compatible with YD Linux. You need to specify the
following arguments in BootX:

hda=noautotune hdb=noautotune

I also ran into the problem of needing to download a new kernel from the
Yellow Dog FTP site. Since you just received the CD, this may not be an
issue, but if you do run into further trouble you might try downloading an
updated "vmlinux" file.

On 9/1/99 8:07 AM -0500 John Olson! <> wrote:
> hey everybody-
> I just recieved my copy of YellowDog Linux in the mail this
> morning and I'm trying to install it but it's not working. I have a new
> B/W I partioned my drive installed the MacOS and the BootX stuff. When I
> boot into linux from the ramdisk i get this message,
> Kernel Panic: kernel stack overflow
> In interupt handler - not syncing
> Rebooting in 180 seconds
> What is going wrong?

--Until next time.
     Mike Beattie

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