Re: problem: "nfs not supported by kernel"

Subject: Re: problem: "nfs not supported by kernel"
From: Dick Benster (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 14:33:50 MDT

Thanks to Mark Fassler for this as it led to the solution, and for Steve from

While not new to unix, I'm a linux newbee when it comes to configuration.

It turned out manprobe showed that even though I had downloaded the latest
linux-226-16bpmac per
YDL's instructions to fix another problem (Apple beige PPC SCSI wasn't
supported in -16apmac), -16apmac
modules where being loaded in (versus -16bpmac). I wasn't aware of this
until Mark pointed out this
whole new world to me. It was then clear that I also needed the entire
/lib/modules/2.2.6-16bpmac along with its accompanying vmlinux to complete
the run-time system.

Modprobe showed that I had /lib/modules/2.2.6-16apmac not ...16bpmac. As
soon as I ftp'ed the

and ran rpm

    rpm -ivh --force --nodeps kernel-pmac-2.2.6-16b.ppc.rpm

ftp began working properly. The moral of the story for me and possibly other
linux new-comers: always grab the accompanying modules besides the kernal
when updating via ftp.

Thanks Mark and thanks Steve at YDL for your help!

Dick Benster
La Honda Software

Mark Fassler wrote:

> Dick Benster wrote...
> >
> > mount: fs type nfs not supported by kernel
> >
> This is likely being caused by nfs support not being compiled into the
> kernel. Have you compiled your own kernel? You may have forgotten to
> enable nfs support.
> If you are using the kernel off of the CD, it could be becuase the NFS
> module isn't loaded. As root, try this from a shell:
> modprobe nfs
> If there's an NFS module available, this should load the module and allow
> you to mount an exported share. (hmm,.. this should be done automagically
> somewhere...)
> --
> Mark Fassler

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