X Freezes (again)

Subject: X Freezes (again)
From: Benjamin Karas (bjk4@po.cwru.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 23:37:15 MDT

Here's an update to the old freezing problem I emailed the list about a
few days ago.

I successfully switched to WindowMaker (after getting rid of an extra
comma in WMRootMenu) and was very happy. Everything went well until
tonight, when I experienced two crashes within minutes of each other.
Both occurred while in X, though one was in Xpmac and the other in

At this point, I can only think of the following causes:

Hostile DOS attack.
Kernel problems (I'm using a 2.2.6 kernel I downloaded a while back.)
GTK+ or GNOME problems
Driver problems

I'm going to recompile 2.2.7 and then try leaving my machine in text mode
for a long while (a week or two) to see if the problem is truly one
involving X windows or if I just spend too much time in wmaker.

What other things should I check? I have ruled out hardware problems
because the MacOS never froze on me. I'd like to provide more info, but I
don't know what to give.

-Ben Karas

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