virtual terminals [ctrl-cmd-F2]

Subject: virtual terminals [ctrl-cmd-F2]
From: Reid Ellis (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 13:04:42 MDT

I've noticed that my virtual terminal #1 doesn't seem to be there.

That is to say, if I'm in X and hit ctrl-cmd-1.. or in another virtual
terminal and hit cmd-F1.. it doesn't work.

There are five other virtual terminals there [cmd-F2 through cmd-F6], and
cmd-F7 brings back X as it should, it's just the first one that's "missing".

This is a stock, re-init-the-disk-for-1.1 install [with many things not
installed, like news :-)].

For a test, I've edited /etc/inittab to add consoles up to F10 [which would
put X at F11]. Yes, there was an entry there for tty1. I'll reboot now and
see what happens.


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