Re: PCI IDE controller

Subject: Re: PCI IDE controller
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 20:49:15 MDT

Todd Masco wrote:

> Howdy,
> I'm thinking of buying a PCI IDE card for my S900, purely
> for mp3 storage. Big IDE disks being cheap, that seems to be the
> most cost effective method to build a huge jukebox.
> What would people recommend under CS 1.1? I'd prefer that
> it work under MacOS, but it's not absolutely essential. I'm thinking
> that I don't want to cheap-out, but I'd like the least expensive
> card with decent performance characteristics. Is that vague enough?

I'm using a Fujitsu 17gb (Model == MPD3173AT0) which works fine under
mac os & under Yellowdog Champion 1.1, but didn't appear to work out of
the bow with Linuxppc though I didn't really try to hard. It's Ultra 66
compatible, so when that gets ironed out in the next few kernels I can
get that running for pretty good access times. Also it was very cheap
so reliability may be a problem in the future.

> (By the way, my problems with audio before were resolved by
> 1) making sure esd wasn't running, and 2) downloading the
> pre-compiled version of bladeenc. Seems that bladeenc is
> really difficult to build correctly, and, alas, there's no
> regression test included with it). I'd really like to see
> grip/cdparanoia/bladeenc included in the distribution, but that's
> just my $.02.
> (Also by the way, when I see X freeze, I'm always running Netscape -
> but I'm always running Netscape, so there isn't much information
> there)

I've never had a problem with freezes under Champion 1.1, and I use
Netscape a lot. My current up time is nearing a month with no problems
(running 2.2.11 on beige G3 r2 clocked to 292mhz/96mb ram).

Neil Jolly
(with Yoda-like voice)
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