kernel args for fb?

Subject: kernel args for fb?
From: raptor (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 23:11:39 MST

Is there a list of the options for the FB driver built in to the kernel?

For example, you can pass video=atyfb:vmode=18,cmode=32

this works fine if you have an ati video card. If oyu had a matrox vido
card, it would be video=matrox

bot what if you have a "control" video card, as my 8600 has.

I can find almost zero documentiation on fb (xfree86) or the "fb"
functions in the 2.2.13 kernel, and I have checked the framebuffer howto
(that author has a line that says he would like osme information on
powerpc framebuffer) and the kernel docs, etc. Does anyone have this info,
before I start picking through the source?

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