Re: Multiple Ethernet Cards

Subject: Re: Multiple Ethernet Cards
From: Povl H. Pedersen (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 11:51:46 MST

At 09:11 06-12-1999 -0500, you wrote:
> writes:
> >I have a beige G3 tower that came with a 10BaseT ethernet card, and
> >into which I have installed a 100BaseT PCI card. My YDL box is set
> >up to use eth1 which is the PCI card, and the built in eth0 card is
> >inactive.
>Which ethernet card is this? A lot of us here are waiting on your answer?
> :)

I just plugged in the cheap D-Link card DFE-530TX I think it is. Cost less
than $20.
I just have one problem with it, something unexpected happens for it, and
if I stress it har (copying large files using cross-over cable, Etherlink
XL on the PC), then I get lots of transmit errors (every 3-5 packets), and
I sometimes gets errors logged. But these are known problems by the
developer as far as I know.

But I use it, and has my ANS running Linux between the Internet (Cable
modem) and my PC.

I also tried the PCI NE2000 compliant card (realtek 8139 chip I think), and
loading the driver crashed my machine. But anything Tulip based (DEC)
should work, and is generally recommended.

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