ethernet cards

Subject: ethernet cards
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 15:37:22 MST

I tried rebuilding the kernel (It is now 2.2.13) and switched the ethernet
drivers to modular rather than compiled as part of the kernel. The I
updated my tulip driver to v0.91. The problems are still there. This seems
different from most problems I have seen in these listings. The cards and
my LAN work perfectly when I boot up. IPchains works perfectly for
masquerading. But after some random number of surfing events, eth0 (My
Farallon pci card) freezes. eth1 (the built in mac card) continued to work
fine. This interferes with an orderly shutdown. The only way I can reboot
is to do a hard reboot.

Perhaps at this point I should get a new ethernet card? It works perfectly
on the MacOS but maybe something is off in the linux driver even in the new
version. I would like to hear from anyone who is using LinuxPPC to connect
a LAN to a cable modem using two ethernet cards. What sort of arrangement
works for you?

Can anyone recommend a compatible card?

Tim Leaven
University of Iowa

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