/boot directory with vmlinux-2.2.13 install?

Subject: /boot directory with vmlinux-2.2.13 install?
From: Ron Z (rzdroj@mail.lm.com)
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 16:45:57 MST

I am a relative Linux newbie who has been able to update the kernels
properly in the past on RedHat as well as Yellowdog and MkLinux, but I am
stumped on this one.

I have installed vmlinux-2.2.13 in my System folder but found no rpm
package which updates the entries in /boot. When I went from 2.2.6-16 to
2.2.12-2, the rpm took care of the /boot files. I downloaded
vmlinux-2.2.13 but it was not a rpm. It starts up with BootX1.2b2 but
indicates a lot of errors related to having the wrong system map. Linux is
running, even with no video driver checked, but I'm not sure how well it
will run.

I would appreciate any help on getting my /boot directory straightened


Ron Z

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