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Subject: Re: Yet another newbie
From: Alberto Varesio (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 06:58:17 MST

Olivier Hislaire wrote:
> Hello,
> just one easy question: did any of you already install YDL on a RS6000 43P
> 100 ? I saw the 150 was supported, but what about my little 100 ?
> Thank you for (perhaps ?) giving that machine a future :-)
> Olivier.

I once tried to do that and I was half successful:
At that time boot image did *not* boot 43P-100, so I had to use one from
LinuxPPC. I feeded the YDL installer to this kernel and installed the system.
There were lots of errors and I gave up, but since the source is nearly the same
of LinuxPPC, I think with some work there should be a chance of getting it to
work. My choice for now is to use LinuxPPC on this HW.
Main problems come with kernel, not distribution.
Hope this helps, let me know your results.

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