Re: about ppp compression

Subject: Re: about ppp compression
From: Gilbert Fernandes (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 07:23:46 MST

> Known problem, see the yellowdog-general archive.
> Good luck.

I found a question by:

Can't locate ppp-compress Aurel Wisse (Tue Nov 16 1999 - 19:31:49 MST)

(this being you)

But you never got any answer form that one, or if you did you got a private
reply (there's no answer to your question in the YD's archive).

There's another thread also by you about a missing ppp-compress at startup,
but that's not my problem at all: I get no error message at startup about
missing ppp-compress, but in the messages log when I do connect using PPP.

That was for november 99. Then I searched inside october 99: nothing about
ppp-compress. I've also looked inside previous archives (january 99 to november
99 and I found no solution by searching for "ppp" inside each of those archives

(no february and clicking on "march" archive link got me a "not found page"

So I ask again: pppd doesn't find ppp-compress-21/26/24 modules: do they exist?
If they do exist, where?

If you got ppp-compress running fine, can you help me Aurel?


> Aurel Wisse
> Gilbert Fernandes wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > when I check my messages log file, the PPP connections show that several
> > ppp-compress files aren't found. It says:
> >
> > pppd: cannot locate module ppp-compress-21
> > pppd: cannot locate module ppp-compress-26
> > pppd: cannot locate module ppp-compress-24
> >
> > What do those messages mean? That I'm not using compressed headers, and not
> > going as fast my 56.6 modem could?
> >
> > I use a PowerBook G3 with an internal 56.6 modem and Yellow-Dog CS 1.1

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