Re: Email and localhost.localdomain configuration

Subject: Re: Email and localhost.localdomain configuration
From: Paul Schinder (
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 21:30:14 MST

At 4:03 PM -0500 12/11/99, Clark Baker wrote:
>Some sites refuse to accept e-mail from me. One referred me to
> (Mail Abuse Prevention System).

Right. In particular, they're probably referring you to the DUL
(Dial Up List).

>I believe my problem is related to the above warning and that I need
>to properly configure the localhost.localdomain. How do I do this?
>Is this in /etc/mail/access? Is there still going to be a problem
>that I am called "cmb" on my local Lunix system, but my POP box at my
>ISP is cmbaker? If there is no easy way around this, I can change my
>name on Linux.

That is not the problem at all. The DUL works by looking up the
numeric IP address of the machine from which the SMTP connection
comes from. If the IP is on a list of known dialups, the mail is
rejected, because lots of spam originates on throw away dial up
accounts. This has nothing to do with what your machine thinks its
hostname is, and everything to do with the IP address that your
provider assigns your machine when you dial in.

What you need to do is find out how you make sendmail send all of
your outgoing mail to your ISP's main mail server rather than trying
to send it directly to the recipient's machine. I don't allow
sendmail on any of my machines, so I don't remember how this is done.
With qmail, which is what I use, this is easily done with a extra
program called serialmail.

>On the mail receiving side, I run fetchmail. My .fetchmailrc file
>poll with proto POP3
> user "pop04322" there with password "********" is cmb here
>warnings 3600
>This seems to properly move the mail from TIAC to user cmb on Linux.
> >From there, I use RMAIL in emacs to really read it.
>Clark Baker, Belmont, MA

Paul Schinder

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