YD and RS6000

Subject: YD and RS6000
From: Tom Syroid (tsyroid@home.com)
Date: Sun Dec 12 1999 - 12:49:37 MST

OK, I'm stuck...

I'm trying to install YDL on an IBM RS6000 F50 model 7025. I realize not
many people on this list will be able to help, but if anyone can...

I'm installing to the F50 from another machine (under Hyper Terminal)

1. dl'd zImage.initrd from YD FTP site, copied to floppy, renamed ZIMAGE
2. insert YD CD and floppy into respective drives, start machine
3. at the appropriate moment, press '8' to go to OK prompt
4. type "boot floppy:,\ZIMAGE"
5. system trundles, starts to process, shows me the following lines:

>> 0 > boot floppy:,\ZIMAGE chrpboot starting: loaded at 0x400000
>> initial ramdisk moving 0x756000 <- 0x4b5cfc (a9628 bytes)
>> gunzipping (0x10000 <- 0x415d38:0x4b5cf8)...done 1491136 bytes
>> start address = 0x1000c
>> copying OF device tree...done
>> instantiating rtas... done

        and dies right there.

I'm assuming the remote terminal end is working properly, as I can see info
on-screen and the F50 responds to keyboard commands.

I'm assuming I have the SCSI devices (boot drive and CD-Rom) configured
correctly, as I can pull up a System Configuration list from the console
that shows the HD at ID-0 and the CDR at ID-5.

I've tried several different floppies and recopying the image file. Same
result. It appears to be able to read the file as the installation process

The hard drive is 4.5 GB's and low-level formatted. But this shouldn't
matter cuz I haven't got there yet in the install process. I have 13 SSA
drives on three backplanes. They all show two green lights.

The CD-Rom appears to work, as after the floppy is read the light blinks
several times as the ZIMAGE file begins to activate, but then the light goes
out and the install process seizes.

Mmmm. Ideas anyone?

Tom Syroid

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