Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver

Subject: Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Sun Dec 12 1999 - 22:03:43 MST

Phil Kirschner wrote:



> When I first booted up X, it gave me 800x600 resolution, and crappy
> screen refresh rates. This is where my question about drivers comes
> in.
> Are there more specific things I could put in XF86Config to make my
> monitor work better, and get 1024x768 resoltion? Is this a lost
> cause with this monitor and no extra video card? I was told once
> that running Xconfigurator should prompt me for my desired
> resolution, but that doesn't happen. I also tried getting the
> autoconfigurator, but that made it worse.

More info please! Are you using Xpmac or XF68_FBDev? Is No video driver
checked in BootX? More specific than what? etc.?

> I guess what I am really asking is if anyone has been able to get
> this monitor without an extra video card to run smoothly at 1024x768
> resolution? This is really the only thing stopping me from
> completely switching to linux, as I would like to.

I'd be suprised if it couldn't be done. Check the pages in my signature
for more tips.

Neil Jolly                  
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