Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver

Subject: Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver
From: Phil Kirschner (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 00:18:41 MST

I now have X working with 832x624 resolution, and 8 bit depth. Now
that the machine knows I have some VRAM, the scrolling/refreshing is
MUCH better, but I used to get 32 bit color, and now I have 8. I
tried putting 16 in the Depth part of XF86Config, and it worked, but
gave this error in the output:

mach64CreateGC: unsupported depth: 16. Using cfbCreateCG indstead.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and the sqealing is more like once little squeal when going into
X, and then normal operation. It doesn't sound like it is straining
to maintain the resolution, only that it is working to start it.

Is there something else I need to change to get better depth?


>If that is what Apple says then I suspect it would be the case with linux from
>the same video card. The high pitched sqeal generally means that you have
>exceeeded the valid resolutions. Try configuring for 800x600, and see if that
>takes care of the sqeal, and gets you into X. What error messages are you
>getting besides the normal messages about unusable modes being deleted? Also
>try setting up you XF86Config with only 1 resolution at first, then add more
until it breaks.

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