Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver

Subject: Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 19:39:38 MST

Phil Kirschner wrote:

> I now have X working with 832x624 resolution, and 8 bit depth. Now
> that the machine knows I have some VRAM, the scrolling/refreshing is
> MUCH better, but I used to get 32 bit color, and now I have 8. I
> tried putting 16 in the Depth part of XF86Config, and it worked, but
> gave this error in the output:
> mach64CreateGC: unsupported depth: 16. Using cfbCreateCG indstead.

16 bit is unsupported, and 32 bit is broken. Use 15 or 24 bit depths. Also what
version of XFree86 are you using?

> Any thoughts?
> Oh, and the sqealing is more like once little squeal when going into
> X, and then normal operation. It doesn't sound like it is straining
> to maintain the resolution, only that it is working to start it.

If you can get normal operation without the squeal, then by all means use it in
that depth.

Neil Jolly                  
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