Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver

Subject: Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 21:26:12 MST

Phil Kirschner wrote:

> sorry i am kind of new at this, but do i need any files from there
> other than the main rpm to update the whole X deal?

You need all the packages in the directory, with the exception of
Xautoconfig, Xconfigurator, and mouse config. You will require only the usb
or nonusb versions, of Xconfigurator, mouseconfig, and Xautoconfig,
depending on whether or not you need usb support. Download them all into 1
directory which contains no other files, cd into the directory where the
XFree86 rpms are stored, and run the command "rpm -Uvh *.rpm. Then run
Xconfigurator again and set up your video.

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> >Strongly recommend you grab the newest version XFree86 3.3.5-1.6.0c from
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