Re: Three-button mice? Logitech?

Subject: Re: Three-button mice? Logitech?
From: Dan Delaney (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 07:55:31 MST

On 12/16/99 3:40 AM, Phil Kirschner wrote:
> If you have usb, I highly suggest the Contour UniMouse. Check out
> the web page for details on compatibility with YDL. There is a
> picture of them at the bottom of the main page.

What about the USB versions of the Logitech devices? I know they now make
USB versions of the MouseMan Wheel AND the TrackMan Marble+. Has anyone
successfully used one of these with Yellowdog Linux? I'd REALLY like to
replace the puck with a TrackMan Marble+

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