Re: FTP throughput problems

Subject: Re: FTP throughput problems
From: Jon L. Gardner (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 17:36:56 MST

on 12/16/1999 4:36 PM, Dan Burcaw at wrote:

> Is it only proftpd that displays this problem?
> If not, what type of ethernet adaptor? Perhaps the driver is not all that
> great.
>> I'm running YD on a StarMax 5000/275 with 128Mb RAM, and I'm getting
>> extremely poor throughput with the proftpd daemon. A client on the local
>> switched Fast Ethernet can only push about 500K per minute to the YD server.
>> I've updated proftpd to the latest version to see if that would help, but it
>> doesn't. Any ideas?

After restarting the server, the throughput was back to normal, though it
still seems to be slowing down as time goes on. I'll just have to keep
watching it.

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