Re: Kernel Compile - Missing

Subject: Re: Kernel Compile - Missing
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 22:20:14 MST

did you do

make modules_install

to move the modules into /lib ?

Adam Price wrote:
> In attempting to install the latest P.M. Stable kernel, 2.2.14pre9,
> I followed the instruction on the YDL homepage exactly
> When I finished, and reboot, I get a slew of error messages of the type :
> [Insert service] Warning {path?} is incorrect [FAILED]
> I can't remember what the full path was.
> I assume that this is because the is incorrect. I suppose I
> should copy the new into the directory in question. However -
> /lib/modules/ is also lacking updated info (it only contains 2.2.6 &
> 2.2.6-16apmac)
> I have no idea how to fix this. Please send courtesy copy of any
> responses to me, as I am on this list in digest form.
> What does this make me?
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