Re: Simple Scripting ? (Is directory empty?)

Subject: Re: Simple Scripting ? (Is directory empty?)
From: Adam Price (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 19:56:24 MST

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Tom Pollard wrote:
> Try this, then:
> if [ -z "`ls /var/qmail/alias/pppdir/new/`" ]; then
> echo 'Its empty'
> else
> echo 'Its not empty'
> fi
> (I'm a big fan of the -z and -n operators.) Also, in a conditional
> statement (like 'if') always double-quote anything that gets expanded,
> like a variable or a back-tick command. If you don't double-quote it and
> it returns the empty string, it'll be as though there was never anything
> there in the first place, which is not usually what you want. This is
> different from how csh conditionals work, so it's a mistake many people
> make.
> Tom

Except that you gave me the wrong flag (I want to send mail if there IS
something in the directory, not if it is empty) this works GREAT! Thanks
a bundle.



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