Re: FTP throughput problems

Subject: Re: FTP throughput problems
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 14:29:40 MST

Jon L. Gardner's bits of Fri, 17 Dec 1999 translated to:

>on 12/16/1999 10:26 PM, Jon L. Gardner at wrote:
>Right after a restart, I get great throughput, but as time goes on it starts
>losing ground. I restarted the box this morning, and was getting
>70-90Mb/min. throughput. Now, 12 hours later, I'm getting about 7Mb/min.
>throughput from the same client with the same files.
Is it *only* IO performance that degrades over time? Have you checked to
make sure that some other process isn't sucking down system resources?
Perhaps something leaking memory until it starts pushing everything into
swap or something that starts up later and hammers the CPU?


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