Hello Little Install Help

Subject: Hello Little Install Help
From: Booth Rand (randnet@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 16:36:37 MST

I just bough YDL. I am linux user. We have an imac from early this summer, so
I'm trying to install, as per YDL manual. I'm not a big macintosh expert.
The CD I am using is YDL 1.1. After going through the drive setup, and
partitioning. I partition, btw, two one 3 gig MAC OS Extended the rest is
Unallocated. Set the partitions. Reinstall the Mac OS System. Copy Boot X and
the linux kernel over to where they are supposed to go in the system files. So
far so good. Go into the install. AFter the disk druid and fdisk screens come
up, I get the error that no system was found to install YDL. The boot message
btw does not find any "hda" when the install starts. My conclusion is I am
probably not setting up the drives properly in the mac. I have tried this 4
different ways. I read the HOw to on imac linux. Completely stumped here. Any
help would be appreciated.

My T-Shirt works.

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