Re: Getting Seti Program to work in Linux

Subject: Re: Getting Seti Program to work in Linux
From: Roy Koch (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 17:06:06 MST

Thanks I am booting on a Jazz drive 1 mb and when you gave me he files I
went back to linux to boot and could not boot I fear my disk is full and I
have no idea how to get back in to delete some files so I can boot? The
disk wont boot under X windows for sure?
The full disk may be why I could not run settee I know I should be using a
real hardrive so oh well?
Phil Kirschner wrote:

> I downloaded the ppc-glibc version of the seti client to my YDL box,
> un-tarred it, made the setiathome file executable, and it worked
> fine. There was really good documentation that came with it, so I
> was able to get it running smoothly in the background where it
> wouldn't bother anybody.
> Here is the file I downloaded....
> x-gnu-glibc1.tar
> gnu-glibc1.tar
> ux-gnu-glibc1.tar
> Let me know if you have problems with it.
> Phil
> >My Yellowdog Linux is working just fine My big problem is getting some
> >of the programs to run "Executable files" the last one I tried to run
> >was "Seti" from I know this is not
> >a Yellowdog problem I learned that just because a program is a Linux
> >program does not mean that it will run under the Yellowdog environment.
> >Will someone help me out?
> " Ill believe computers can think when you ask one question
> and it replies, "That reminds me of a story. "
> -Gregory Bateson

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