Qt library: how?

Subject: Qt library: how?
From: Gilbert Fernandes (gilb@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sun Dec 26 1999 - 11:36:20 MST


using PowerBook G3 with Yellow-Dog CS 1.1

I'm trying to compile de Theme Manager for KDE. I'm using KDE 1.1.1 so I'm
trying to compile the theme manager (which is distributed inside KDE 1.1.2).

Problem: the configure doesn't find the Qt library files. I've made sure I
installed Qt 1.4 and Qt 1.4 devel, but the configure script wants the Qt
library files.

I've found no RPM on the CD, and I've looked on TuxFinder: I can found several
qtlib-1.4 and qtlib-2.0 lib but those are not for PowerPC platform, or so it
looks: when I try to install those, RPM (GnoRPM to be precise) says those RPM
are for another architecture (Intel?)

So, where can I found QT-library that will work? That RPM should install files
into that path:


I don't have that folder on my disk.

If someone can help or better: if someone already compiled the Theme Manager
for KDE, please email me.



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