Re: Sawtooth G4 w/ Sonic EtherFE 10/100 NIC

Subject: Re: Sawtooth G4 w/ Sonic EtherFE 10/100 NIC
From: Sverre Johan Tøvik (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 01:49:09 MST

>On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Sverre Johan T¯vik wrote:
>> >On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Sverre Johan TØvik wrote:
>> >
>> >> OK, I followed your instructions as far as I could... Here's what I did:
>> >>
>> >> 1. Downloaded general linux-2.2.13 kernel
>> >> 2. Downloaded and applied Alan Cox's 2.2.14-pre16 patch
>> >> 3. Downloaded and applied "paulus' usb patches"
>> >> 4. Downloaded and applied "benh's ibook patches"
>> >
>> >hrrm, I'd suggest emailing BenH about it.. I'm still working with his '9'
>> >kernel revision.
>> I'll do that...
>> >Second question: Does the on-board ethernet not work? I'm assuming you
>> >need the Sonic EtherFE for a reason.
>> Nope, onboard "gmac" ethernet does not. See
>> <URL:>
>The Sawtooth I have has a Tulip chip built on the motherboard which works
>quite nicely. The first G4's used a Tulip chip instead of the GMAC since
>the GMAC had buggy hardware.. I *think* currently shipping machines are
>still using the Tulip.
>Do you know if your G4 has a tulip, or just the GMAC?

The chip that I _think_ ( :-) ) is the ethernet chip is a "Broadcom
BCM5201"... There is another "chip" between it and the RJ-45
connector, but I think that's just a DIP resistor (the print label is
"T1"). Does that sound like a Tulip or a GMAC?


Sverre Johan Toevik

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