Re: Telnet and VNC

Subject: Re: Telnet and VNC
From: Troy Benjegerdes (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 21:12:03 MST

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Weston Houghton wrote:

> Hey all,
> I just quickly set up a machine and shipped it off to a hosting provider. I
> failed to check the machine and actually try to telnet into it before
> sending it off though (I know, stupid me...). Is incoming telnet disabled
> normally on a YDL install?

Yes, for security reasons (telnet sends cleartext passwords)

I would strongly recommend that you use SSH for remote logins. If you need
access from a machine without the ssh client, take a look at MindTerm, a
java terminal program + SSH client.
> Also, what is the quickest way to change the IP address of a machine? With
> all other settings remaining the same, just changing the IP.

> And last, has anyone tried to build/install VNC under YDL?
Yes, the client works either out of the box or with a minor change.
Haven't really tried the server though.

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