Re: Sawtooth G4 w/ Sonic EtherFE 10/100 NIC

Subject: Re: Sawtooth G4 w/ Sonic EtherFE 10/100 NIC
From: Troy Benjegerdes (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 21:18:08 MST

> >quite nicely. The first G4's used a Tulip chip instead of the GMAC since
> >the GMAC had buggy hardware.. I *think* currently shipping machines are
> >still using the Tulip.
> >
> >Do you know if your G4 has a tulip, or just the GMAC?
> The chip that I _think_ ( :-) ) is the ethernet chip is a "Broadcom
> BCM5201"... There is another "chip" between it and the RJ-45
> connector, but I think that's just a DIP resistor (the print label is
> "T1"). Does that sound like a Tulip or a GMAC?

Ugh, I just realized the Tulip chip (if it's there) will be on the bottom
side of the motherboard. I'm using ben's ibook.vmlinux.9, (which has the
de4x5 driver) and it reports a DEC 21142 on bootup.

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