Re: Telnet and VNC

Subject: Re: Telnet and VNC
From: Weston Houghton (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 22:58:04 MST

Forgive my stupid question here, I've honestly never had to install telnet
before... And, while my experience with YDL so far has been good overall, I
find it disappointing that Terrasoft chose to not include Telnetd in the
standard distribution. Warn the user, but do not just take the facility away
from them. I fully intend to switch to SSH once the machine is setup and
configured, but for the initial testing and setup I NEED telnet, is it that

Anyhow, my understanding is that the below URL is for the client, not the
daemon? If it is the daemon, then it is already installed, but not running?
It is not commented out in either inetd.conf or /etc/services now, and
further thoughts?


on 12/29/99 9:50 PM, Ed Jaeger at wrote:

> Weston Houghton wrote:
>> Anyone have a PPC RPM download URL for telnetd then?
> t/RPMS/telnet-0.10-27.ppc.rpm

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