Re: Starting over with a clean install of Yellowdog 1.1

Subject: Re: Starting over with a clean install of Yellowdog 1.1
From: Patrick Callahan (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 16:58:24 MST

Roy Koch wrote:

> Ok just one question. What to download as far as the best BootX,
> vmlinux, and ramdisk.image to use with my Yellowdog install cd?

Does it matter where the kernel comes from? Robert Shaw's Blue G3 pages on have 3 kernels you can download, with excellent instructions.
Will there be incompatibilites with other things you've installed from
YDL? My guess is probably not. It's worth a try anyway and you can always
back off and try again from scratch with the CD. Right now I'm running
with Robert's 2.2.14pre9 and LinuxPPC1999 for the rest. I'm about to try
upgrading a bunch of things and am looking forward to the Going Home
edition of YDL.



Since like me and many others you've crashed your installation several
times, you've learned quite a bit.

 I'm in the process of gathering info for a new style of net aware,
install/configure/upgrade application. If you're interested see the
following message labeled: Installation Configuration and Upgrade


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