CS 1.1 Installation Problem

Subject: CS 1.1 Installation Problem
From: Dave Przybyla (przybyla@concentric.net)
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 23:38:29 MST

    A few days ago I downloaded the CS 1.1 image and burned it to a
CD. I also printed the installation manual. I am attempting to
install on a stock 7600/132, with the exceptions of an Entrega PCI USB
card and an external Zip drive.

    I formatted a 1.2 GB SCSI drive using Drive Setup from an OS8.6
CD, with 300 MB reserved for an HFS partition and the rest
unallocated. I then copied an OS9 system folder in the HFS partition,
dropped the BootX Extension and Control Panel into it, as well as
the ramdisk.image.gz and kernal.

    After launching the BootX app, the installation went smoothly at
first. I partitioned the unallocated space using fdisk into an 800 MB
root partion and a 122 MB swap partition. After saving the partition
changes, fdisk suggested I reboot, so I did.

    I went started the installation process again, meticulously
following the installation manual, and got to package selection. I
chose the default. Then a message appeared indicating where I could
later find an installation log. The installer then indicated that it
was "making ext2 filesystem on sda5." At this point it choked and
gave me the message: "mount failed: invalid argument." I tried
installing 5 times and reached the same impasse each time.

    Any help in completing the installation would be appreciated.

Dave Przybyla

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