How to auto-start a BWG3; USB UPS?

Subject: How to auto-start a BWG3; USB UPS?
From: Ivailo Djilianov (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 01:37:27 MST

Hi all,
In the MacOS, we have this great control panel Energy Saver, in which you
can set the computer to auto-start after a power failure. How can I do the
same in YDLinux? Which brings me to my next question: can anybody recommend
a UPS that can be used to gracefully shutdown a BWG3? AFAIK, it should be
done via a serial connection. Does anybody use a UPS with a USB interface,
or maybe some USB to serial convertor?

Thanks in advance

Ivailo Djilianov
System Administrator
Ulpia Investment management Inc.
24 Denkoglu str, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

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