Re: Disk Compression

Subject: Re: Disk Compression
From: Stew Benedict (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 16:11:27 MST

Why would you want to use either? With the cost of hard drives today, why
bother? I remember the "Stacker" days, and boy if anything went awry, you
were SOL! I lost a hardrive in the middle of a design job once. The
client's data was intact, but on a "Stacked" drive. The disk I lost was
my boot disk, which had the stacker driver as well as my OS. (This was
DOS, back then). It took me several hours to get into that drive to
retrieve the data.


On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Herbert wrote:

> Hello Everyone!!
> I'm setting up a file server with YDL on a Performa 6360. I was
> wondering if I can use disk compression or do I have to use file
> compression? Does linux support file compression readily? Or do I have to
> d/l additional software packages?
> -Herb

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