Re: Simulate Right button on ADB mouse?

Subject: Re: Simulate Right button on ADB mouse?
From: Herbert (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 11:07:50 MST

   Without a right mouse button, I found that I had to go into my user
directory /.gnome/panel.d/default and manually get rid of the Applets. I
also had to edit the file "panel". I tried to emulate 3 buttons on a 1
button mouse, but even the keyboard commands didn't seem to work. Try this
for now. Perhaps someone else has an easier way of dealing with this?


> A (hopefully) simple question for users of Gnome/KDE. Some features
>of the GUI seem to require the use of the right and/or centre mouse
>button. How can I do this with a Mac ADB one button mouse? My immediate
>problem is that I have dragged quite a few icons to or from the Gnome
>panel, and now can't get rid of them... thanks for any info, John
>Wheeler. BTW - Champion 1.1 with Gnome seems WAY better than MkLinux
>and KDE that I used once before - much faster, and the LinuxConfiguration
>control is a real boon for a newbie like myself.

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