Re: Atherosclerotic Linux Mice Uni-Mouse Only Choice?

Subject: Re: Atherosclerotic Linux Mice Uni-Mouse Only Choice?
From: Jeremy Knope (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 09:44:15 MST

I'm using an XLR8 Point&Scroll mouse... works great.
plugged it in... booted linux... worked! now if i only
could get the scroll wheel to work... pressing it is a
button tho so it's a full 3 button mouse. there are
things for scroll wheels in linux but not sure if
it'll work. specially cuz the one i found uses
XF86Config, i'm using Xpmac which i seemed to read
that it doesn't use that file.

--- NTR <> wrote:
> Dear Uni Mouse Fanatics,
> Is this the only mouse that will work in 3 button
> mode for Linux....or
> will any USB Mouse work.
> I am particular towards the Kensington Turbo Ball
> for purely
> atherosclerotic reasons. You move your palm or
> fingers, not your whole
> hand and elbow. Helps keep the years off my
> wrist/elbow replacement Its
> USB. Will it work?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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