Re: Mac OS 9 drive recognition

Subject: Re: Mac OS 9 drive recognition
From: Josh Forman (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 11:17:50 MST

on 2/13/2000 12:33 AM, Darin Lang at wrote:

> I would think this would make installing rather easy as that is the
> lenghthiest and most complicated section of the install manual. So how son
> till someone adds the support into linux to get it to recognize the hard
> drive under Mac OS 9?
Explain your question.
I'm running Mac OS 9 and YDL and can view one of my partitions because it is
HFS, not HFS+ (you'll need hfsutils). I also can view my linux filesystem
under MacOS by using a MountX, an extension that shows me the the Linux
partution as a Mac drive. I can open and copy files from it, but can't write
to it. (I can't wait for that! :) )

Does this answer your question or am i just blowing smoke?

Josh Forman

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