Re: Install Troubles on Daystar 604

Subject: Re: Install Troubles on Daystar 604
From: John Haffner (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 11:16:35 MST

I had a similar glitch when I was installing on a 7200. What version
of the MacOS is installed on the Mac drive? I had to drop back to OS
8.1 to get the installation to work properly. It has something to do
with the disk driver being incompatible with BootX.

You may want to try and get hold of the latest version of BootX
(1.1.3?) to try the install using that instead of the copy on the YDL

Best Regards,

John Haffner

J. Walton Wrote:

>I've got 3 drives, 1 for Mac OS, 1 for Linux (if I can ever install it), and
>1 for our FTP files. I get as far as getting the control panel/extensions
>installed and try BootX to boot into Linux. The screen goes black with a
>"booting . . ." message, but doesn't get any further. A minute or so later
>the machine reboots and I have the opportunity to try again.

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